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5th Grade Homework Expectations

Homework generally includes:

  • 30 minutes of silent sustained reading
  • Math homework
  • Spelling activities and/or review for weekly spelling tests
  • Periodic social studies, science, or language arts assignments

How to Help Your Child with Homework:

  • Monitor your child's consistent use of the assignment book.
  • Clarify directions when needed.
  • Help with an example problem.
  • Establish a consistent homework routine for all children in your family.
  • Provide a dictionary in the study area.
  • Monitor your child for excessive frustration.
  • Stay in contact with the teacher!


Definition: Homework is defined as any work planned by the teacher to be completed by the student outside of the regular classroom without immediate and direct teacher interaction.

District 203 has a commitment to excellence in its instructional program while taking into consideration the unique developmental stages of children. Homework is a continuation of a learning process developed in the classroom and carried on by the child in the home environment. Its effectiveness depends upon careful planning by the teacher as well as supportive parental involvement.

District 203 recognizes the importance of having opportunities for growth and development provided by parents for their children outside of school hours. We realize that children participate in many after school activities and the need for proper rest cannot be over emphasized. As a result, no regularly assigned amount of daily homework will be prescribed at the elementary level. However, work not completed in class, drill and practice activities and occasional special projects may be assigned. Good parenting skills such as reading to children, providing cultural activities and working on language development are encouraged.

Homework -- Planned Absence:
Because of the highly interactive nature of learning, it is often difficult to simply assign  "work" for a planned absence.  Often it would mean providing assignments on topics and skills that have not yet been taught.  If you feel it is necessary to take your child out of school for an extended period of time, please keep this in mind.  Make-up work, as appropriate, may be assigned upon return from the vacation. Trip assignments may be used at teacher discretion. Suggestions for parent and child activities could include recreational reading, journals, and map activities.

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