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Mathematics Philosophy

Mathematics is a universal language that allows us to make sense of fundamental principles, thoughts, ideas, patterns, problems, and phenomena surrounding us and to communicate our understanding and resolutions of these concepts to others. In order to develop and enrich student understanding of mathematics, District 203 will provide a comprehensive and cohesive mathematics curriculum in which mathematical topics are explored and analyzed with significant depth.

The environment in every mathematics classroom will provide the following: active and responsible engagement in the learning of mathematics, an atmosphere of risk taking, in-depth investigation and analysis of intriguing situations and problems, ample opportunities for reflection and interaction, and connections to everyday life.

Instruction in every mathematics classroom will provide a rich variety of cognitively appropriate strategies and resources so that all students have opportunities to experience both success and challenge.

As a result of this curriculum, environment and instruction, District 203 students will experience the utility, power and beauty of mathematics as they become proficient in using and applying fundamental mathematical concepts and skills including: computation, critical thinking, reasoning, and resourceful problem solving.


Math Teachers

6th Grade

7th Grade

8th Grade

April Miller (Bears) Julie Keleghan (Journey) Dana Ruginis (Legends)
Alyssa Kupsco (Bulls) Elaine Zeller (Beatles) Ronnie Wu (Titans)
Tamara Burke (Cubs) Lindsey Annerino (Eagles) Amy Eissens (Heroes)


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