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Course Description: S19011-S19012

Space exploration is an advanced one semester course designed for the student who wants to investigate the inner-working of the universe.  This inquiry based laboratory course will take advantage of and utilize the latest technological advances in space exploration.  Topics will include, but are not limited to, space navigation, planets, galaxies, stars, comets and asteroids.  Students are required to attend night observations.

Level: 11, 12                                         Semester: 1                                 Credit: ½
Prerequisite: Two years high school science credit and a ""C"" average or better in Algebra I. 

Lab Fee Required   
Course Syllabus for Astronomy: 

Students who are successful:

To be successful in astronomy, students should have an interest in the nighttime sky and the questions that are still unanswered regarding our universe. Students should also be ready to work cooperatively in the lab during class and will need to find time outside of class to complete further assignments.

Discovering the Universe, Seventh Edition (2005)
Neil F. Comins and William J. Kaufmann III
ISBN #: 0-7167-6796-1 (High School Hardback with CD)
A typical week includes:

·         One to three labs/group activities
·         Guided Notes with animations/video clips
Regarding homework:

Three to four days a week
Course topics/outline:
  1. Orientation of the Night Sky
  2. The Sun and other Stars
  3. Comets and Asteroids
  4. Life on Planets
  5. Humans in Space
  6. Robotics
  7. Rockets and Shuttles
Other information:

Optional night time observations will be made available during the warmer portions of the semester.
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