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Thursday, April 24, 2014
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Welcome to Beebe's LRC Online!

A first class Learning Resource Center (LRC) is the hub of knowledge for the entire school.The staff is made up of dependable educators who strive to help their patrons efficiently and effectively find the answer. This is our daily endeavor at Beebe and we hope it shows. Libraries are no longer limited to the materials housed within their four walls. Take a journey through the many resources available at Beebe's LRC Online.

Books - Great literature is the backbone of any school library. Look up books from home, find lists of books to read, or find links on how to find the level of the book you're reading

Information Online - Find information, pictures, video, and educational games from the many online databases our district and school subscribe to!

LRC Lessons - Find out more about the topic, books, and online activities Mr. Mika shares weekly at his LRC Book Talks!

iPodject - See how Beebe students are using their 07-08 NEF Grant to promote literacy and publish content in a whole new way!

Patron's Rights & Responsibilities

Beebe students, teachers, and parents are patrons (a person who uses library materials or services) of the Beebe LRC. When you checkout/borrow any material you agree to treat it with respect and return it in the same or better shape then when you received it.

 Items Early Childhood, Kindergarten, & 1st Grade
One Patrons may keep their book or magazine for up to two week.
  2nd, 3rd, 4th, & 5th Grade
Two Patrons may keep their book or magazine for up to two week.





Just like the public library, if you lose the material or have an accident, you are responsible for replacing the item. Don't try to hide the accident or turn in the book and hope nothing will happen. The right thing to do is talk with Mr. Mika first.

If an item is damaged beyond repair the person who checked it out must:
Pay for replacement
Trade books in good shape equal to the value of the item
Work off the value of the book during lunch recess

Technology Use Policy

When you walk in the doors of Beebe every morning you are expected to abide by the Beebe Rights & Responsibilities contract. If you break the contract using words or actions, you are given consequences.

Similarly if you break the rules when using technology, there are consequences as well. When your teacher allows you to use technology at Beebe, you agree to follow the Beebe Technology Use Policy.

Teachers review and have students sign the Rights & Responsibilities contract at the beginning of every year. Mr. Mika reviews the Technology Use Policy at the beginning of every year at his LRC Book Talks. If you need a reminder of these, links to each are located below:

Beebe Technology Use Policy

Internet Safety Suggestions

Your children never knew the world without the Internet. They never experienced life without email, microwaves, or cable television. Most likely by the time your child leaves elementary school he/she will have dabbled or become proficient at gaming, instant messaging, text messaging, mp3s, and social networking.

The fact is your children will become exposed to these activities no matter what restrictions you place upon them. Your wisest choice, become media literate. The more you know about what's out there, the more you can talk with your child about his/her decisions and actions.

In order to help you understand the technology of today's youth, I have included many articles (right column) covering everything from what's available to ethics. Take the time out to educate yourself before you prejudge or restrict your child's access. I've also included three sites (below) to help you work with your child in understanding the rewards and dangers of the Information Age.

Information Literacy Overview

With the fruitition of the Information Age, many progressive educators are talking about the various ""literacies"" students should become proficient. There are many variations, but below are four commonly accepted literacies Beebe's LRC educates its students in:

Information Literacy – is ""…the ability to find, evaluate and use digital information effectively, efficiently and ethically."" (IMSA, 2007)

Visual Literacy – ""Visual literacy is the ability to navigate, evaluate, and communicate (create and mashup) with visual imagery."" (Jakes, 2007)

Media Literacy –The ability to read, analyze, evaluate and produce communication in a variety of media forms (television, print, radio, computers, etc.)" (GWETA and PBS, 2004)

Multicultural Literacy – is the "...knowledge of cultures and languages, as well as the ways in which multi-sensory data (text, sound, and graphics) may introduce slant, perspective, and bias into language, subject matter, and visual content."" (AT&T and UCLA, 2002)

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